Are You Ready to build Beautiful WordPress Websites with no code

and start offering website design services confidently to your clients?

You’re a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer ready to expand your skills, get paid more, and have more freedom in your business.

You know you want to learn How to Build a Website but you have No Idea where to start.

Tell me, friend, does this sound like you?

  • You’ve downloaded freebies and checklists until you can’t even see through your desktop... so many people have told you to go in so many different directions you're still just sitting there... stuck.
  • You’re like 95% clueless on how to actually start building a website. Let alone one that would be acceptable for someone else's business.
  • You’ve followed the advice to "stay general at first", but now that you have a few clients you've got that itch to get more specific and try something new.
  • You’re in all the business Facebook groups and everyone chimes in about WordPress, Squarespace and “oh guuurl don’t use Wix.” It can be really confusing because they seem to all have their pros and cons.
  • You may even have a tiny mess of a website, but you’ve only shown it to your mom, for sure no potential clients, and even she’s like mehhh.

You’re ready to tell clients you can build them a website, but there's still this feeling of...

“Can I really do this?”

“But the tech stuff is so over my head”

“I’ve never even built a website before, am I crazy?”

“How much would I even charge them?”

What if I told you instead, you could...

  • Pick a platform, get over the learning curve, and master it within just a few weeks.
  • Have guided support and personal feedback from an actual website designer the entire time you build your website and figure out your process.
  • Learn how simple it is to build a website so can you start offering it as a service to future and existing clients (which means more money for YOU!).
  • Have an amazing portfolio piece to show clients that you know exactly what you're doing!
  • Put processes in place that allow you to design websites that your clients love and not get caught up reinventing the wheel every time with every client.

Good news friend, I’ve been designing websites for years, and I’m ready to share every bit of what I know about it ALLLLLLL.

As a mom of 4, my time feels more limited by the day… so believe me when I say, I’ve found so many ways to make this a quick process, and still get results that look amazing and wow clients, EVERY TIME!

Bottom Line


You’ve decided you want to learn WordPress.

Now you need someone to show you step-by-step, exactly how to set it up, make it look great, and then get clients to hire you to do the same thing for them!

Because being a mom is hard enough, let alone running a business too….
You need all the shortcuts you can get!

That's my heart behind this course!

Site Design Blueprint Course | WordPress and Elementor Course for Creative Small Businesses

A self-paced course that teaches you how to build simple, beautiful, WordPress websites so that you can confidently offer this service to clients. 

It walks you step-by-step, page-by-page, through the entire website building process and finishes off with the systems, packaging, and pricing support you need to get started.




Here’s what we’re going to cover inside the course:

Bonus Module 0: Design Basics

  • Start here if you have almost no clue about design, other than that you know it makes a difference
  • Basic Design Principals (for all sorts of design) and User Experience
  • Explaining things like themes, sections, columns, widgets, and how they all fit together to make great websites
  • All kinds of terms to know when dealing with design (with a 10-page pdf of all of them to keep handy)
  • How wireframing can drastically improve your website building process (and what it is if you’re thinking I’m speaking Greek)

Module 1: Setting up a Website Step-by-Step

  • Buying and setting up your domain and hosting, and doing the work to make it all come to life.
  • The "Not So Scary" WordPress Install that'll have you wanting to start building 5 websites at a time.
  • Set yourself up for success, getting your pages, menu and settings all ready to go.

Module 2: The Elementor Pagebuilder

  • Tour of Elementor, what it does, why I choose it, and and all it has to offer to the 3 million + users that love it.
  • Elementor's ever-expanding set of building blocks, how to use them best and what they actually do.
  • How to work 20x smarter with Elementor so you can get faster, better, and more confident in your skills.

Module 3: Designing the Website

  • A super time-saving hack to build a full website crazy quick.
  • Our page by page approach to conquering the entire website.
  • Build the 6 key pages of your website, page-by-page.
  • You'll build your Homepage, About, Contact, Services, Blog, Portfolio, every page of your website, simple and quick!
  • Make tweaks and add any additional content.
  • How to edit every page for Mobile Phones so your visitors and potential clients can read and see what you're offering, on any device.

Module 4: All about WordPress Maintenance

  • Keeping your website up-to-date, from content to plugins and themes.
  • Making sure your website is secure from hackers and your hard work is saved through backups, so you don't loose anything.
  • Keeping your website healthy with outside tools for checking on your SEO (that's how much Google loves you), your website speed and more.

Module 5: Process, Packages & Pricing

  • Figuring out how to design a process that's comfortable for you and your clients and fits your business and life.
  • What goes into a website design package, what to leave out, and how to be clear with clients what's included (or not).
  • Knowing what to charge is tough, we'll walk through different models for how to price your websites so that you're confidently presenting options to your dream clients. Plus a fun tool to run the numbers!

PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:

6 Modules

with 50+ bite-size videos including screen shares showing you the exact steps inside of WordPress

10 Bonus Worksheets

Worksheets and spreadsheets to use along with some lessons (but only the exact ones you need, no 85 page workbook here)

6 Web Page Templates

Downloadable page templates to follow along with so you're not guessing at the design as you build

Private FB Community

Worth it's weight in gold. Access to additional trainings and live website feedback and audits. Also friends ❤️

Future Course Updates

Technology is going to change, that's a given! We'll update videos as major features are added and change.

Tools + Resource Lists

Lists of all of my favorite tools and resources I use for on my own client website projects

In case you’re scrolling quick…

slow down for a second,

Here's those Bonuses!

A Jam-Packed Bonus Module All About the Basics of Design

We’ll cover principals that apply to all sorts of design, how your visitors use the website, and more helpful concepts to be familiar with if you’re totally a design newbie.

I’m also going to teach you a few PRO tricks like wireframing that can drastically improve your website building process (and what that even is, in case that sounds like Greek.)

Elementor Gets More Awesome

My favorite list of plugins that work seamlessly with Elementor and the exact list of ones I use on my own website and websites for my clients


My SUPER list of Resources for everything from, my favorite softwares & chrome extensions I can’t live without. 

My top recommendations for where to get the best Stock Photography that fits your website, brand, and vibe. 

How to get your hands on better graphics for added website details. And even tools for everyday running your business!

So what's the investment?

Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments
$ 87
  • 5 Modules + Bonuses
  • FB Community Group
  • All Future Course Updates

Pay In Full

1 Time Payment
$ 297
  • 5 Modules + Bonuses
  • FB Community Group
  • All Future Course Updates
  • Save $50 by paying in full

“I don’t have any design experience, will I learn how to make my site look good too?”

Yes! Elementor makes this super easy and I’ve included the exact templates we’re going to be building so that you have something to work and design off of. You won’t have to make stuff up along the way and feel like “I guess this goes here” I’ll show you exactly what goes where. 

Also give yourself some credit, you are creative, and what you don’t already know about design I cover a TON in the bonus module and can happily point you to any resources that aren’t in my zone of genius.

It’s time to jump all in on this.
Why not save $1000s of dollars and learn a skill that will continue to add revenue in your business again and again?

If you’re still feeling a little like...

  • You know some of the basics but not enough to actually sit down and do it by yourself.
  • You see job posts daily, from people asking for help with their websites, and you know it would pay much higher than the services you're doing now, but then you remember you’ve never actually built a website before (ughh).
  • You’ve been wanting to learn WordPress because you’ve heard it’s the best for the long term of your business, but you just don’t understand it and it’s embarrassing.

Let's change all that, now!

By the End of this Course You'll...

  • Have the ability to add entire new sites, new pages, words, and images to your website or clients WHENEVER you want. I’ve had students sit down on their lunch break and put up an entire page for a workshop they wanted to offer that weekend! (once you learn how to design one page you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed)
  • Finally be confident enough to send someone something other than a Canva pdf of your services listed out (ain’t nobody knocking Canva) but your website will add about 10x more credibility to your brand than your pdf, promise!
  • Have a Beautiful Website, built on the same platform that over 75 million people use (peer pressure eh?) that’s perfect for your service-based business, shop or blog... with plenty of pages to show off your work, AND get you stinkin’ hired!
  • Feel confident listing your pricing and packages on your website, and knowing your client process is one you designed, not someone else.

Success Stories

WHEW!! So who’s with me?

Listen friend, we’re wrapping up winter, spring can be a busy time, I know… but it’s also somehow filled with all this magical newness, freshness, and excitement of what’s starting new around you. 

What a great time to be creative and have fun learning a massively fun and profitable skill for your business.

So how does enrollment work?


Click the enroll button and setup your username and password


You’ll head to a checkout page and checkout using secure payments through Stripe or Paypal


Login to the course dashboard and start the course whenever you’re ready, all the lessons are already there!

I've Heard Enough! Let me in!

Jennifer Sanjines creator of Site Design Blueprint WordPress course using Elementor for small online businesses

Hey Y'all, I’m Jennifer. It's nice to meet you!

I teach women how to build websites the fast, simple way, without all the headache of code and design jargon. I’m the owner of Site Maker Studio, a website design studio where I build and design brands, and websites for small businesses.

I’ve helped lots of online and offline entrepreneurs from all over the states and even a few from other countries, build their own website with a simple, streamlined, step-by-step process.

But y’all if I’m being honest… it wasn’t always that way. About 6 years ago WordPress was all code and no fun, and I’d stay up until 3 am some nights trying to change one line of code to fix the color of something small on my website. It was a mess. Fast forward a few years and page builders slowly took over the world (haha) and I became obsessed with how much easier they made things, and how much more fun it was to build a website.

Here’s the thing, I’m all about online businesses. I love being able to say YES to my kids’ class parties, the last-minute doctor appointments, and mid-morning snuggles from my toddler. Working from home and being my own boss, has allowed me that freedom and I’m happy to help anyone along in that journey… My special way of doing that happens to be through website design.

I can’t wait to see what you build with all of us in the course!

✅ This course will be a great fit for you if...

  • You’re a VA, freelancer, or an amazing service provider who wants to start building websites as part of their business.
  • You’re ready to invest a few weeks into learning how to do this yourself, with the help of a professional guide.
  • You’re already offering services, like Pinterest management or Virtual Assistance and you’re wanting to add higher level (read: higher-paying) skills to your services.
  • You’re ready and committed to follow the steps and get your website launched ASAP.

🚫 I’d honestly tell you to pass on this course if ...

  • You have an attitude of “I can find all this for free all over the internet” to that I’d say yes, you can, and it will take you months if not years and you'll likely have pieced together skills from a scattered approach.
  • You’ve designed countless websites on WordPress before and are just wanting to know about pricing and packaging.
  • You’re dead set on using Wix, Squarespace, or another platform besides WordPress (I can totally teach you all about design, but those platforms aren’t what I’m teaching in this course).

You might be wondering “But what if I already have a half-built website?” That’s totally fine!

You’ll need to be ready to move forward with WordPress (if you’re not already there) and be ready to build a beautiful website that actually gets finished and out there into the world.

Imagine what it’ll feel like when you’ve built an entire website yourself… and you’ve got clients wanting you to do the same thing for them. 

Imagine adding to your family income by doing something so creative and fun, it doesn't feel like work (ok most days 😂)

Success Stories

"Do I need any special software or programs to build my Website the way you teach it?"

YES! You will learn early on, that you of course need a domain, hosting, and some other tools to build your website and keep it up and running. Great news for you, many tools I recommend are multipurpose. You’ll still be able to build a beautiful website without many of the tools I love and recommend, but things like Hosting and a Domain are a Must Have or your site will not work/be alive on the internet.

You can, by all means, do this course without buying anything extra beyond the hosting and domain, although I’m confident you’ll find a few of these additional plugins really are worth the money to make your website building process go more smoothly, and if so you’ll want to invest in them like I have. 

*PSA- When you build websites for clients, as a part of your business, you want to buy the Pro/Agency license then you can install it on every client website you build!

Also, I'm basically a walking FAQ section (my husband’s least favorite trait about me 😂). I always have a ton of questions about what we’re doing, what’s for dinner, etc... and ALL the right answers

I'm sure you have some questions too.
Here’s what others have asked!

I’m all about a good deal, and this my friend is not only a killer (and the lowest) deal you’d get on this specific course, but we’re moving soon and I’m not sure if I’ll launch it again before fall. If you’re ever going to “invest” and save it for later, now is the time. But don’t let it sit too long on your digital bookshelf ok?!

You’ll want to start with as fresh of a slate as possible. That being said any content (images, words, etc) that you have on your current one can totally be moved over/around. Keep that work you’ve done! There’s a few extra steps to get it from Squarespace to WordPress and I’m happy to chat through that process with you if you’re in that boat.

This course walks you through building a website from start to finish. I make references to doing it for yourself and clients consistently throughout the entire course. If you just need a site for yourself and your business you’re totally still a fit, you probably just won’t need the last lesson on pricing and packaging web design services. 

Yes! You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can post questions and ask for feedback from me.

Forever! You have lifetime access to the course content, including any additional bonuses and materials I add in future launches. 

They’re all already there (with bonuses as well). I know when you sit down (and have an hour to yourself) you’re going to want to knock this thing out. Students have asked for an additional bonus module which will be all about packaging and processes and that will be released March 1st, 2020 so that you have enough time to start your website build before we get into the services side of things. 

You have access to the facebook group for as long as you want to stay there. I hop into the facebook group every few days to check for questions and try to answer as many of them as I can, as quickly as I can. If you’re able to make it on a live video when I do them, I’ll be able to answer your questions more in detail and can even share my screen with you to help you.

You just need a good working internet connection with an internet browser. Chrome is my choice browser but you can use others. You don’t need access to Photoshop or other computer or web-based programs like that, just the services for hosting and domains/optional plugins but all of those are web-based.

The course itself can be accessed straight from your internet browser. The video player is built into each of the course lessons and the other resources like worksheets can be downloaded as pdfs.

Not directly. I have amazing people, good friends, that I can point you to for this, but this course is a website building course. We do not cover logo design and other traditional branding elements. We do go over lots of design principles but not branding for yourself or clients specifically.

This is a one time payment for the course, so it’s just due when you enroll. You can pay via credit/debit card through Stripe or PayPal. There’s also a payment plan where you’ll be charged a lesser amount over the course of 4 months. 

In general, no refunds are offered. I really believe that if you commit to doing the work, you’ll have a great website. If you even think you might want to ask for a refund after purchasing, this probably isn’t the right fit for you… but if you still have questions please reach out!

Most of the videos are about 15-30 min each. If you watch the videos and do the steps in order you can have your site live in a few days. There are certain things that take time to configure (that are out of your hands, like domain tech) that I teach you, so don’t approach it like you’re going to pull an all nighter and get it ALL done. It will take a few days/weeks for sure.

I’d suggest setting aside 3-4 hours a week to go through the course content. Going at that pace, you should be able to complete the course in 3-4 weeks! But with it being this time of year, some of you will put this puppy on Netflix style and get it done much quicker.

Step 1
Click the buy button and checkout using secure payments through Stripe or Paypal

Step 2
You’ll head to  a thank you page with details about how to access the course (you’ll also get a confirmation email)

Step 3
Login to the course dashboard and start the course whenever you’re ready, all the lessons are already there!

The course starts as soon as you enroll! All of the content is in the dashboard ready to watch Netflix-style as soon as you register. This is a self-study course, so there is no set start/end dates to the course. You can go at whatever pace your family, business, and lifestyle allow.

The next time this course will be available will be between Q2-Q3 of 2020. It will continue to have content added, and will continue to rise in value and in price. Just being honest with ya!

If you already have a website started on WordPress your current theme might be ok to keep, I’m going to show you my favorites and recommendations. There are a few key themes that work really well with page builders and since that’s what we’re using I’d suggest you switch to one of those to make your life so much easier.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch with someone?
Use the blue chat feature in the lower right of this page, or Email me! Please! and I’d seriously be more than happy to let you know if it’s a good fit or not. I’m honest, ain’t nobody got time to spend money and time on something not right for where you’re at!

I've Heard Enough! Let me in!


Click the enroll button and setup your username and password


You’ll head to a checkout page and checkout using secure payments through Stripe or Paypal


Login to the course dashboard and start the course whenever you’re ready, all the lessons are already there!

Ready to learn to build websites?

Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments
$ 87
  • 5 Modules + Bonuses
  • FB Community Group
  • All Future Course Updates

Pay In Full

1 Time Payment
$ 297
  • 5 Modules + Bonuses
  • FB Community Group
  • All Future Course Updates
  • Save $50 by paying in full

Enrollment Ends In

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